If you’ve found this page, we are half way done with 2021 and you are very much STILL over and I know that you are VERY MUCH over being hung up on, full voicemails, never getting a landlords response, ignored via text message and very much over missing out on rental after rental. Your voucher is probably also expiring soon so you said, let me hire someone that knows how to put me into a home! However, today's agents often frown upon the work that is needed to close a Housing Choice rental deal. You call and once they hear section 8 they hurry you off the phone. Why? Well I have had my share of dishonest renters scared to tell me about the Felony, the Eviction, or the Removal of Tenant filing but they will often say"....Ms. Battle I left before they completed the "eviction." So in all things real estate I will work with you but you must work with me. I understand very well that there are dishonest landlords/investors/sellers who clearly forgot to mention they are going into foreclosure and will still collect your deposit. The most popular complaint from my clients is the landlord that refuses to remediate the mold/mildew, refuses to make repairs and the landlords who sent a "handyman" but he never adequately fixed the leaking A/C, the stove that stopped working 3 months ago or that running toilet that made the water bill sky high. The issues that forces you guys to submit a notice to vacate ARE the mere fact that he/she still collects your rent every month from HUD! 

I have just a little over 13 years of experience with subsidized housing deals. I started this real estate career in January of 2002. I worked for a developer and sat in the leasing office, sales center & new construction design centers with thousands of clients over 19 years so I understand every aspect of housing from sales to rentals. I can help you secure the home that you have been searching for but not without the tools that I need to close the deal. Many people call me every day. I hear crisis after crisis after issue after issue and it is 100% rooted in the current rental marketplace! You have no control of this market if you are a renter and not a homeowner. So to prevail with getting a rental deal done both WITH and WITHOUT a voucher is 100% rooted in your offer. I repeat, you must submit a SOLID attractive offer to my landlords/investors. We can not have missing items, missing references, unexplained evictions, unexplained criminal background/charges and when I ask you for the nature of the offense you get angry, frustrated or get missing! The owner has a right to screen the tenant. I have the need to present you in the best light! I also MUST comply with Federal Fair Housing guidelines and State of Florida licensure requirements. Trust me, I understand when you come to me after looking on Zillow, Hotpads, GoSection 8, Stellar, TriCon, Mainstreet, Rent with Max, Rently, RentSpree, First Key Homes Invitation Homes formerly Havenbrook/Waypoint, or companies that once accepted vouchers then find out they no longer accept them. Your welcome, those plugs were free! LOL. Trust me, I understand when you call landlords and they change up the price or want double deposit or three-times the rent in monthly income from a Housing Choice tenant! What?!! How? The best calls are the one's where your housing authority wants older kids to share bedrooms of different genders AND then they did not give you enough to cover the true fair market rent (FMR)/Payment Standards for that single family house? When you reached out to your worker....I bet they even said this is your  LAST extension! I know trust me. Everything is already pending an offer by the time you make a list of potentials and NO you may not pay under the table! Moreover, EVERYONE knows about the "Lawsuit" so stop reading and just #HIREME if you are a recipient with your rent burden worksheet or your RFTA packet or a Housing Choice voucher and a realistic deposit for a landlord, please click the contact me link above/below. You must enter your Housing Authority, your voucher expiration date and provide me with your Payment Standards Zip Codes/Amounts. You and I both know that will have a home available today and it will be gone tonight! Let me help you get keys to your next home! (786) 309-5318 10:00 am - 5:00 pm are my office hours, stop by and meet me in person!