If you want an honest Real Estate Agent...be an honest prospect!

Ok. It is 2022 and a Real Estate agents time, anyone actually, should respect that time is Non-Refundable. Time is Non-Refundable. I repeat, my time is non-refundable. Therefore, if/when you finally decide to call a Real Estate agent or commercial landlord or property manager, please know that we will not get paid until you successfully close on your deal. If it is a sale and it takes a year. We get paid after one year. If it took six months to close the deal, we get paid in six months. If it's an affordable housing rental deal during the current covid19 pandemic, we still do not get paid until you physically move into your rental. Therefore, if your Housing Authority takes 15 days to complete an inspection but your worker told you 7-10 days for HQS and you told me 7-10 and the landlord selected you based on that 7-10 days "promise" BUT now the intake team (RFTA acceptance/worker/counselor) takes another 21 days to clear your property, you might have an issue. I submit all of my own TTP/HAP/HCV/FUP/HANDS/RFTA deals. If the entire process takes 30-40 days, we still do not get paid until you move-in. The landlord will not get his/her wire until that time as well. Can I be honest for a moment? Imagine if you worked somewhere for free for 4-6 weeks and then paid you 30 days later. That is why agents are not calling you back. That is why owners are not calling you back. That is why at any given moment, I am working with several customers at the same time, with the same crisis in their life and the same sense of urgency.


Yes, I can relocate you from your existing PHA into another one. You commence this on your end with your home (PHA) housing authority. You have to ask them if they are billing and/or absorbing. However, if you have a crisis or urgent need to move....don't send me 50 text messages. I am an old-school agent. I answer calls. I have hundreds of text messages and now during Election season, I have even more messages coming in to push your urgent message to the bottom of the cloud! If you need to move and you do not have what you need, you have to call me for help, please don't text. Yes I speak enough Spanish to assist you. Si necesitas un lugar para vivir por favor llamame! If you are sending a text to ask a question, a text to ask another question and a text to ask if I saw the other three text message, I may not have seen your first text and send you a " ?" in response because I honestly did not see your text. Please be advised, that while you were texting, I was out showing property to the person with First, Last and Security deposit. They submitted an offer before you. The landlord now has 3x's the rent from TENANT A, a traditional renter and often on a section 8 deal I can only collect ONE month good faith deposit to hold a home from TENANT B. That is how you will end up without a deal after looking on your own. Anything urgent deserves a call. If you want me to get your deal done, you have to e-mail or call. I am selling you, your story, your background, your past mishaps and everything else you need to tell me in order to get your offer accepted. 


Exactly! Exactly! It is not always the agent that is to blame for the hustle and scammers. I have heard all the horror stories over 18 years. The reason the owner/landlord/agent took multiple offers is a term we call...Highest and Best. It was reserved for properties for sale that get multiple offers BUT as of 2020 I am hearing that when you are not represented by an agent, you are placed against other tenants. I do not play that game in this market. Our rentals move too fast. If my customer is not the primary offer in play, we "...take our talents to South Beach" and locate an owner that wants my tenant as bad as my tenant wants that home! If you take three days to get me docs. Then two days to find your money. Then 2 days to find a printer. Then 2 days to find your voucher. Then.....I can not work with you. As of October 2020, I have seen offers coming in from prospects, despite covid19, with excellent credit, excellent jobs, stable careers and established rental history. They do not want to buy a home, they want to rent the one you want! Despite my goal after every call to offer homeownership to anyone interested, every tenant does not desire to own a home. If that is the reality, I would venture to say that those A++ renters/tenants are YOUR biggest competition. If that is the person who wants the same condo, single family, villa or townhome, I have to use the art of the section 8 deal to get you approved. The art is to show the owner why you are a better tenant. Are you a better tenant????


Since Real Estate salespersons and Realtors® are self-employed, there is no payroll coming in. Every Real Estate practitioner that I know is paid on a 100% commission basis. No deal, no check. So after 4, 6 or often 8 weeks with you, imagine if your Worker called me to say they feel the rent is too high and want me to ask the landlord (who has patiently held his home off the market for weeks waiting on them) if he/she can reduce their asking rent! We have to hope they are in a good mood. Often they are not. In my years of experience, that is going to be the last time they want to entertain me and my love for Housing Choice, trust me. In five minutes that house goes from Pending (for you) back to Active (for them). They are now waiting for a "traditional" applicant now. Yes, this is the shark tank we work in called Affordable Housing and I love it so please have your package ready so we can have a smooth transaction! It cost us thousands of dollars a year to work in this industry, I prefer to not be used.


It's back to the drawing board to start all over. If your Housing Authority feels the asking rent is not what they consider market, they WILL ask me to lower the rent. No, you may not pay under the table. Do not lose your precious voucher over shenanigans. No, we can NOT take money from anyone other than our Broker. There is no tipping. There is no payroll. I do NOT charge anything upfront to show a customer. The only money you will pay in a rental transaction, with me, will be your holding deposit which will turn into security deposit upon approval and made payable to my brokerage until I bring it to your move-in appointment. Yes, the Realtor brings your deposit to hands it to the owner and that is when I hand you keys. Welcome Home!


Ok so you are now roommates with your worker! Everyday if not every week I hear conflicting comments/details/stories. I am not here to offer advice contrary to what you are told. This blog is MY experience from within my section 8 shark tank. It is your relationship with the government that prevails. However, if you do not leave a deposit, you most likely will not be taken serious and often we will simply leave the home on the market until someone does secure it with a deposit. My email is "secureyourdeal" after the years of tears from participants asking me what happened to the house Ms. Battle? Look, I told you I wanted it. I told you I was waiting on my worker. I told you I wanted to rent it. You did a lot of telling and no securing 'eh?! In MY marketplace, I do clean deals. The Brokerage will hold your deposit and consider it a "good faith" deposit. If you drag me about giving a deposit to hold a home, I will simply leave my home on the open rental market for someone else to place a deposit on it. Don't fall in love with the perfect property for your family, have your kids scream that they love it, jump up and down and then you went ghost (we know that you all are still online looking after you lied to me) and then you drive-by and a new family is unloading the moving truck! Ha! You now have to go home to your family with the sad face because you thought, Ms. Battle was going to steal your money. Always make your funds payable to the Brokerage. When in doubt, take it to my office yourself. Yes, save me a trip if you are that nervous. I am not losing my license, my reputation, my livelihood or my ability to work in this career for another 18 years over your $600! If you have been scammed, do not take it out on me. I do clean deals. Watch all the videos on my Youtube channel. I am clear. I am very easy to understand. I am fair. I am not holding a home for disloyal people to have 3 owners holding homes all thinking that you are moving into our home. Someone is left holding a lump of coal. If you are renting without representation, do your research and check as much as you can. Avoid digital cash transfers too. Tonight my Orlando customer told me a story about an owner requesting only digital money transfers (venmo, zelle, cashapp, applepay, square) for everything. You may use those to pay your application and screening fees. I would not suggest sending an "owner" your funds without vetting same.


I say that because some tenants will apply for one home with us and then circle back online and go back on the other sites and apply for something else and then ask for the deposit back and have a voucher everywhere in the city. Yes, it happens. So, please be mindful of our TIME as professionals. At this stage in my career, I am at year 18 in this rental business....I know a lot of agents. It would be really funny if while politicking with Jane Doe of Catch You Slipping Realty and she said, oh you are showing my listing today, the combo is 112200 and I say thanks Jane, I sure hope MaryStacyAnn loves it....and she goes...wait...I showed a "MaryStacyAnn" a house last Saturday! From that point on, I certainly have to let you go! Yes, please, go have fun on the syndication sites and when you are just about to give up, google "SECTION 8 REALTOR" and see who organically lands on the top! I have NEVER paid for ad placement. I appear because of awesome wonderful tenants who respected my time, respect my hustle, trusted me to work hard and smart and hand them keys. They listened, they paid what they needed to get their family into a home. They trusted me to fix that credit. They trusted the process and are loving where they live, grilling on the patio while the kiddos ride scooters and their bikes in their nice new neighborhood because their mom and/or dad are awesome and honest not agent shopping with everyone who will open a lockbox.


You want to view everything on the market this weekend? Sure I can show you thirty-one (31) properties. While you are on property eleven (11) the others have been rented. My next appointment, often a buyer, is now irritated that you made them late. You were running late but you don't value time. If it is a Saturday or a Sunday, an agent might have a few listing presentation appointments. I often have sellers who are waiting on me but you decided our rental appointment time was not that important, I guess? Please communicate. Do not send me a one line text, my kids are sick sorry can't see house. Have the courtesy mentality to pick up the phone, prior to our time and tell your agent. Customers want us to "trust me" Ms. Battle, I swear, I promise, I swear4gawd, I promise you on my kids....and then boom. You burn us. Now that owner, his agent and the property manager does NOT trust you or anyone else with a voucher calling after you! You are the reason that no one in town wants to accept the program. Those types of shenanigans. Those types of poor choices. Most good agents are great Real Estate agents. Most agents will know how to maximize showing times to meet multiple customers in a day. I will plan my day around my showings. If you cancel, please be mindful that I have to make a lot of calls when you cancel. It is a professional courtesy for me to let owners know and their agents that they can return home or that they can go to Trader Joe's now. Every home is not vacant. Every home is not on a lockbox. I've had listings that I have to physically show with $4000 appliances inside them. The owner does not want the door left wide open. I have to drive to the listing for every showing, every single time. No lockbox was permitted. So yes, call us to cancel. Trust me, I love Real Estate. It's my thing. I also have an amazing large family. I love them too. I have to provide for them too. So if you "ghost" me, I most likely will NOT work with you when you get scammed on the "other" sites. Nope. I will be with my loyal customers, having fun, looking at homes, writing up RFTA's, waiting on the HQS and typing up a proposed lease agreement with new landlord. We have families. We have bills. We have obligations. We have lives. Some of us actually enjoy our lives and our kids and our obligations! I enjoy my family. Therefore, if an agent takes the time to assist you, your family and your referrals, it is 100% on an honor system so do not dishonor us with your dishonesty. It cost you nothing to tell the truth or just tell me I want to work with 3 agents.  


I need you to be honest with me as if I was the person who called you to issue your voucher. I need you to be honest even if it's the first time in your life being honest. After we move you in, you can go back to living in the fantasy land with the unicorns and fairy dust. I will not judge you. To each his own. I have been a renter and I know you would not like an owner taking six offers and six application fees and making you think the home is yours but behind the scenes they have zero intention on accepting your 510 score, right? You will expect me to be totally honest with you, right? Or do you want me and my other six agent friends to take $100 app fees from you and drag you aka make you feel as if you are getting the home!!! You will expect me to make that 487 FICO score result in a successfully closed deal, right? You will expect me to make that Misdemeanor driver's license issue not hurt your approval rating, right? I know for a FACT that half of my customer's have that eviction or two, and that borderline Adjudication Witheld and need to get approved for a nice home, right? Therefore, if you are already working with multiple agents thinking that we want to fetch and fight over your deal, no we do not. Let's be honest on this blog, do YOU think that two hard working, commission based Realtors, want to both show you homes and then "fight" over your rental deal? Did you know that we often have to split that same commission thrice? Once with the landlords agent, then with our Broker AND then with Uncle Sam's IRS. If you really feel like we want to "fight" over your deal, please note, I may not be a good fit for you to hire. I only work with rental customer's exclusively who are ready to get keys. If you have 3 months or more to move, I am certainly not the correct agent for you to hire today. Your voucher often gives you 30-60-90 and I do not hold my listings vacant for three (3) months! if you just left a showing with a different realtor, and then had me show you again because they had a bad vibe or where off, if they find out, they might actually come after me for the check. Please, disclose to me that you already viewed the house with him/her. Otherwise, I just worked for 6 weeks for FREE! Yes, they can say they are procuring cause and politely ask my broker for that check. Can you imagine the incoming call from me after I worked on your deal for 45 days+ and I had my check intercepted because you want to see listings with every Realtor in town but not tell any of us that you are viewing with the other? Bad Tenant. Bad Prospect. Bad Idea. Bad Vibes. Tell us, most of us will not mind canceling that showing. I will not mind staying home that day. I will not mind not losing a deal over your deceit. Nope. Not at all. I mind not being able to earn income when I tried to help you. Please do us all a favor and start the agent-to-client relationship off on an honest note.


It is important to know that due to high call volume during the last 3 weeks of every month, we are often, not always, but often overwhelmed with your urgent needs. Of course you were looking on your own for weeks and weeks. Then you tried the marketplace, then you got scammed out of $300 in application fees for fake rentals, then you saw a home that was not every really for rent, then you went on the new site that popped up that claim they do section 8, then they wanted you to enter your SSN into their random site....now you are burned out, angry, stressed, losing money and I answered my phone. Now you are yelling at me...blah blah blah.. I am on your side. I am here to help you. I am not here to scam you. I am sure that I would like to keep my personal credit rather than trade yours! I also enjoy my freedom and my license so now, I am not the one you should withhold information from, its the sketchy 4 bedroom for $800 listing online. So when you call me, relax, take a deep breath, grab a binder from one of your kids school supplies. Get your life together...your financial life...your budget, your needs ( washer dyer) vs. your wants ( marble, granite, stainless steel) and then come up with a realistic goal. When I answer my calls and respond to you from this website, I do so 100% with the intention to close on your deal and get you moved into your home. Record time, record price and as smooth as possible. I did not place the collections on your report BUT I will see them, so keep it open and honest if you expect me to close on your deal! If you are in another State, I will try my best to locate a likeminded Real Estate professional and landlords in your marketplace. I have had recent success with referrals in Georgia, Tampa, New York, Michigan and Los Angeles but it is quite a task. I will not be familiar with your out-of-state market conditions so YOU must advise me. When I send you addresses and Brokers, you must tell me if they are not located within your voucher boundaries. 


In my opinion, I often have at least twenty (20) calls on listing day. Once the syndication sites grab my listings from the MLS, I can easily have a full voicemail within one hour. You are not the only person moving. Covid19 did NOT stop anyone's lease from expiring. It did not stop the landlord from retiring to Naples and selling his home. Being a landlord is exhausting. Tenants often have issues. You are human and most likely in a high stress situation but stress does not solve real estate problems! I have NEVER solved a problem by yelling, crying or stressing. I have solved many people's problems by handing them keys. So now that you have secured a roof over your head, you can figure out that love life, that employment life, that lack of a working budget life, that car repair life, that medical issue lingering. I feel like we are ESSENTIAL WORKER'S. I have never met a happy homeless mom. I have never met a happy hungry mom. I am certainly have never met anyone able to function without knowing if their kids will have an address to register for school. So, shalom and if you are permitted to yell at me before the dial tone, it's because my spirit said be still...and I am the lady that is on your side and emotionally adept enough to see beyond your drama to still work with you mean, angry, hateful self. I will still treat you with respect, assist you with your needs and hope that you feel the good vibes and adjust your attitude or simply govern yourself accordingly long enough to not let you landlord see that attitude so we can get your deal done! I am the advocate in my office for affordable housing. I can only imagine your behavior/tone/attitude when the AC stops cooling or the toilet leaks or the tub stopped draining, geesh. You yelled at me when I asked you how much you had saved to offer the new landlord! So, no, the messages you leave on our machines as landlords is often my first impression of you. IF it is aggressive, rude, curt or filled with expletives, I am sure they are not going to call you back. I am not going to call you back. I am scared of you at this point. Nope. You have to find your rental on craigslist and marketplace ma'am. Memory full. The voicemail is full, please try your call again later. MMS104 is what you will get every time if you carry that attitude into a rental transaction in my town.


Because he/she has no manners. Because they are cheap. Because they are economical. Because they can. I don't get too caught up in that arena. Owners have the right to do what they want with their asset. You should boss up and buy you an asset. Buy a home. Fire a landlord. If you are not positioned to do that, call me to guide you. If you find a rental on your own but I shared my time with you, ask them to pay my brokerage. It might work. Working with me as your real estate agent will afford you several benefits. He wants you to cut me out to make your move in less expensive is the usual gimmick! No he/she knows that Annisha Battle will spot a poorly prepared lease, I will see defects in the home, I will see what the inspectors have taught me over the years to spot, I will see those ignorant lease terms, I will see that your babby daddy will get you evicted if he is there more than 2 days?! Ha, who did section 8 think you had those kids with? Landlords know what time it is. I will see a mandatory technology fee before you will. Tenants like to just see, sign and drive....well...drive to reserve the u-haul. I will see that the lease has hidden terms that are not standard under the usual Landlord/Tenant terms, I will see that this will not pass inspection the first time. I will see that he/she has a history of not making timely repairs. I see the 4 different tile types indicating prior leaks or bathroom issues. I will see the 3 different flooring types covering up latent defects. I might see that the ceiling fan is not grounded. I will see that there is no GFCI near areas where water is located. I will see a stove without an anti-tip bracket. I will see a lot. Do the math, 18 years of rentals....I have seen and heard and consulted with a lot of people. Clearly he is hoping that you will see stainless steel appliances and fall in love and sign your life away on the dotted line! Renter Beware...a year is long time in a bad contract with a bad landlord. Ask the customers in my CRM.


My MLS is on this webpage for you to use. It is in real time. I pay good hard earned money to work as a Real Estate agent. Please note, not every owner wants/needs an agent to list their home. I wish they would, but they often don't want to pay us. They are free to do with their home, whatever they want. I suggest you fire a landlord and buy a home. If you are not in position to do that, trust that a Licensed Realtor has the most ACCURATE real-time property listings available. Hands Down. However, we often do not use every filter available. Tell us no carpet, no pets, no stairs, no canal, no pool and no Homeowners Associations, no 55+, no screening, rapid approval, no tile, facing East, on the canal, no water I have kids, blah blah blah. We have a filter for EVERYTHING....energy efficient homes, smart homes, west facing, downstairs master, washer, dryer, central vac, garage, car point, concrete block, wood frame, trailer, mobile home and more! Your other sites may not permit you to filter in the same manner. It's fine. I like some of the other syndication sites too! However, if I had a dollar for every address that you guys send us agent that we have saved you heartbreak and headache when you forgot to check on your own that they require a 680 FICO score, not credit karma, not credit wise or vantage score, Fair Isaacs scoring method. Hire an agent.


We get calls all day and during this election we get solicitations that make us miss YOUR calls. So please, call more than once. Perhaps the reason the landlords are not calling you is because everyone else is also calling him/her. Now the private owner has 30 new messages coming in daily for that unit. When you work with me, we have access directly to their agent. We have their phone number, their email address and if we need to "on-site" we have their office address to get your deposit back if you cancel before the approval. You have no idea who YOU are meeting at the random website listing or like today where I found a fake agent with no supra key trying to convince me that he was showing the listing but lost the combo. Good luck buddy, I am locking this up. You figure life out from the parking lot. Off we go, next house, please.


This is the ONLY career that may work on an HONOR system. Your barber, nail tech, mechanic, waiter, uber, lyft, instacart, shipt and postmates drivers, taxi drivers, hair dressers, braid lady, crochet lady and everyone you happily pay and tip....gets paid as soon as their services are rendered. If you are a young person, you guys have taught me.....the term... "on-site." Therefore, there is no other job (other than this career of mine) that one can spend hours looking for the right property, a few days convincing landlords that your credit is because you had a hardship "once" and then we often take a week of purely making calls to ensure they can accept section 8. It is not always a case of "they are discriminating against me." Did you know that not every landlord is approved to receive funds from the Government? Did you know that often the homes are owned by people without a SSN? Did you know that the higher end homes are owned by foreign nationals? Did you know that some owners are past due on their property taxes and can not accept HUD payments?


So when we are hustling to get your deal done, sending the offer e-mails, sending the owner and his/her agent text messages to hold the house while you find your security deposit funds, or negotiating with landlords to take a chance on you....please don't deceive the agents who are working to assist you! Let's not forget....when I finally get the owner to work with me, accept the program, hold the house, we are on our way, jump in the car and drive around paying tolls, running down tire tread, leaving our kids to meet your kids, negotiating, hustling and working late nights, weekends, in the rain, snow, hail for weeks, you then call and tell us that you found something on your own! That is the last agent that will work with section 8. Those are my colleagues. Those are the beliefs of more agents that you can imagine which means you just shrank the pool of people willing to go the extra mile to get your family into a beautiful rental home because you did not disclose that you were working on your owner. What other job, will you do for that long and wait to get paid? Can your boss not pay you for 4-8 weeks? Are you willing to work at your job for a week or two and then on payday your boss tells you...I am not going to pay you....we decided to do something else with your paycheck. That is the equivalent...to me....so all I ask....is that you are are mindful of that when you opt to hire a Real Estate Agent that works with rentals. 


I spend my days on calls to secure deals. There are only so many hours of calling before Realtors are driving. Then we are showing. Then we are typing. Then I am e-mailing and finally I am at the HQS Inspections. I would love to catch every call but it is not realistic with the volume of rentals that are needed in our marketplace. Those that hire me, call me. Please do not send one text message and then say that I did not call you back. I do not have text alerts activated. You will have to advise me of a text. I also do not conduct this type of important business solely by texting. I am a traditional Realtor. I need to negotiate to get deals done if you have no money, challenging credit, background history, pets and a poor landlord reference. That is not business to conduct via text. That is business that requires a lot of selling. I must sell you to the owner. Therefore, if I help you in any way, kindly leave a review to let me know. Moreover, if you refuse to pay a screening fee or give me the documents I need to secure your deal or refuse to provide me what I need to help YOU get approved, I have to make the tough decision to work with those that have a true need to move. Time is non-refundable. I will always say thank you to the customer that yells at me. I will always say thank kindly to the abusive tenant mad at the world. I truly say thank you to the tenant that is irritated with the Georgia rental markets lack of rentals. Thank you to the Arizona lack of rentals, the Alabama lack of landlords, the owners in Michigan not making timely repairs, that lack of anything to rent in the budget for Los Angeles, Rochester, Boca Raton and Orlando. But thank you to everyone I can help and for every review on various platforms. Thank you to the one's who were not ready to secure like they thought, but felt it not robbery to leave me a review after an amazing training or credit coaching course or motivating call to buy a home using the Section 8 program. Yes we have those! Yes...my town has a program that helps you buy a home while on Section 8 and then pays the mortgage like it were still a landlord/tenant transaction! Get into it and call me for the package. Ask your counselor which PHA has such a program in your area!


Unlike everyone else who had a full voicemail today and all the owners or agents that will never call you back, hire me to make this an easy process for you! I know that you started your search online...you found me! However, your internet home searches do not have the Real Estate Agent access to owners. We have the owners remarks, the negotiation tools, the rental assistance grants and what is needed to complete the deal. Here is a SOLUTION to that PROBLEM for every other agent who has been burned by any type of tenant and is now REFUSING TO ACCEPT SECTION 8, ENTERTAIN SECTION 8, TRY SECTION 8  or even call you back when they hear SECTION.....call me. We need more people on the Affordable Housing Team. We need more property owners excited about the opportunity to accept the program. Therefore, please don't get in your car TO MEET ME until you are in a position to secure a deal. This is a challenging time for ANYONE on affordable housing programs. The climate in this market, the tone, the undertone from landlords and their agent plus an overall reputation as a whole. For 30+ years there have been rumors that were already challenging. However, some tenants absolutely ruined the asset! I perform the walk-thru's and I have been burned by tenants. So, please be patient when you call a Real Estate Professional who specializes in subsidized housing. It is an art. It is a niche. It is work. It does not pay a million dollars but you will have the most rewarding calls, relationship building and if you treat a customer with respect, you get respect. Tenants.....please blame that prior tenant who destroyed and damaged the house. It does not matter if they are a traditional renter or a participant, the agent DID NOT set the tone in the affordable housing market. I am working to improve the marketplace one deal at-a-time so that you have access to fair, equal, nice and suitable housing but let's not waste a landlord, realtor, property manager or investors time. For 18 years I have been working with renters. To ask a Realtor to show you properties and you leave your checkbook at home...is a waste of the NON-REFUNDABLE thing we all want more of....Time! 

The REAL reason why my fellow practitioners told you they don't do "rentals" 

If you know that you need to borrow funds, save funds, liquify assets or move funds around, do that and then call your Realtor. I can not understand this idea of viewing twenty (20) properties and then disappearing for 2 weeks and then calling me back. Ma'am/Sir those homes are gone. Why do you think we do this for fun? Please be mindful that looking without securing a home will lead YOU to rental burnout. You will then renew your lease in the home you hate, with the landlord you despise, in the area you dislike and deep down inside that I tried to assist you. Most Affordable Housing agents work 100% harder than traditional realtors because often the credit and income challenges make the deal less likely to get approved! Therefore....everything that we may show you today will eventually go pending when you finally gather up the funds! The other prospect had their ducks-in-a-row and that is how you missed out that rental. Not because I didn't call you back last night. Not because I didn't see your text messages. I do not conduct official business via text message. I am driving, navigating, showing, talking, negotiating, in an elevator, in the car, in a hallway and back to my office. Work with me. Most likely if you can't call your Dentist or Doctor at that time, I probably can not answer your call at that time. 



Sure, sounds perfectly logical and normal to me. I am to trust you. You who are on Zillow, Zumper, GoSection8, Redfin and Marketplace after I spend all day with you. You who have demonstrated that you have no intention to tell me every collection item. So please, keep your money in your hidden account and you might just miss out on that home because you were not in position when it was YOUR time. You missed out on rental, after rental because you are one of many many voucher holders AND......AND......AND.....your offer might come in after a competing tenant who do not have a voucher BUT they do have FIRST....LAST....PLUS SECURITY, excellent jobs, 650+ CREDIT SCORES, 3 EXCELLENT LANDLORD REFERENCES and 12 hours of overtime on their last paycheck! That is who has the U-haul outside of your dream home. I said it. It is honest. It is what is happening in my e-mail inbox when I represent the landlord and it is the truth as I experience it in my market today in October 2020.


So we have over communicated that, now stop reading and call me at (786) 309-5318 during normal business hours, please or if it's 2 am because you have seven (7) days to secure a deal, then click the contact me button above and I will respond to you and we can get you signed up for these emergency funds and get your deal packaged and ready to e-mail out to an owner who wants to share their home with you for many years to come!!!! Be well.


Ok, that is enough reading, click and submit your information on the CONTACT ME page for a faster response and list of available properties we can view today!


I understand the drama. Trust me because the last person you called cut your sentence short when you said SECTION they said "...under contract or the house is no longer available..." yet you drive by it and it is empty for weeks. Haaaaaa I know that trick so hire an agent! Ms. Battle....why is the market like this? Well I have had my share of dishonest renters scared to tell me about the Felony, the Eviction, or the Removal of Tenant filing but they will often say"....Ms. Battle I left before they completed the "eviction." So in all things real estate I will work with you but you must work with me. I understand very well that there are dishonest landlords/investors/sellers who clearly forgot to mention they are going into foreclosure and will still collect your deposit. The most popular complaint from my clients is the landlord that refuses to remediate the mold/mildew, refuses to make repairs and the landlords who sent a "handyman" but he never adequately fixed the leaking A/C, the stove that stopped working 3 months ago or that running toilet that made the water bill sky high. The issues that forces you guys to submit a notice to vacate ARE the mere fact that he/she still collects your rent every month from HUD! 

This month will make 14 years since I did my first section 8 deal. I have a lot of experience with subsidized housing deals but it is a lot of work. I started my real estate career in January of 2002. I worked for a developer and sat in several property management offices, leasing offices, sales center & new construction design centers with thousands of clients over 19 years so I understand every aspect of housing from sales to rentals. I can help you secure the home that you have been searching for but not without the tools that I need to close the deal. Many people call me every day. I hear crisis after crisis after issue after issue and it is 100% rooted in the current rental marketplace! You have no control of this market if you are a renter and not a homeowner. So to prevail with getting a rental deal done both WITH and WITHOUT a voucher is 100% rooted in your offer. I repeat, you must submit a SOLID attractive offer to my landlords/investors. We can not have missing items, missing references, unexplained evictions, unexplained criminal background/charges and when I ask you for the nature of the offense you get angry, frustrated or get missing! The owner has a right to screen the tenant. I have the need to present you in the best light! I also MUST comply with Federal Fair Housing guidelines and State of Florida licensure requirements. Trust me, I understand when you come to me after looking on Zillow, Hotpads, GoSection 8, Stellar, TriCon, Mainstreet, Rent with Max, Rently, RentSpree, First Key Homes Invitation Homes formerly Havenbrook/Waypoint, or companies that once accepted vouchers then find out they no longer accept them. Your welcome, those plugs were free! LOL. Trust me, I understand when you call landlords and they change up the price or want double deposit or three-times the rent in monthly income from a Housing Choice tenant! What?!! How? The best calls are the one's where your housing authority wants older kids to share bedrooms of different genders AND then they did not give you enough to cover the true fair market rent (FMR)/Payment Standards for that single family house? When you reached out to your worker....I bet they even said this is your  LAST extension! I know trust me. Everything is already pending an offer by the time you make a list of potentials and NO you may not pay under the table! Moreover, EVERYONE knows about the "Lawsuit" so stop reading and just #HIREME if you are a recipient with your rent burden worksheet or your RFTA packet or a Housing Choice voucher and a realistic deposit for a landlord, please click the contact me link above/below. You must enter your Housing Authority, your voucher expiration date and provide me with your Payment Standards Zip Codes/Amounts. You and I both know that gosection8.com will have a home available today and it will be gone tonight! Let me help you get keys to your next home!