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Tenants who wish to hire me must acknowledge that my services are free. I will be paid a commission by the seller/landlord at the closing of your deal. Yes! It will cost you $0 to hire me to secure your deal BUT my TIME is valuable. Please refrain from setting appointments and/or booking showings if you do not:

A. Have your port submitted

B. Have a current/active voucher

C. Know your tenant portion/HAP

D. Know your current credit score(s)

E. Know your monthly income/source of income

 We can pull your credit/eviction reports in 5 minutes for $79.50 and $20 for background if you need to move-in the same-day or within 7-14 days!

CreditKarma is not a credit reporting agency (CRA).





If you are looking to move in September, October or November, today is too soon for me to hold/secure a rental. Please send an inquiry below AND check back closer to your desired move-in date! 


Hey 2023...we are ready for you! We are ready to do "new" deals, we are ready to negotiate leasing in a "new" way and light this un-affordable rental market ablaze! We can and will get your leasing deals secured, we might have to fire some slumlords and get you moved into a better home, to create new memories in! We might have to fire the predatory landlords who only care about your monthly HAP payment coming in. The one's who refuse to make repairs. The one's who refuse to make timely repairs. However, before you make that move, you have to look at YOUR offer. What does your new landlord want to see to give you keys to her home? What does the new investor need to see from you to approve you to move into his property? Yes, we are semi-patient agents and we might even work with you and clean your credit. However, until YOU do the work to end this hamster wheel insanity of begging landlords to accept "mailbox money" from subsidized housing programs, you must have something to negotiate with! No matter what the economist said today, people are still moving, landlords are increasing rent renewal rates by hundreds of dollars, every day residential and commercial leases are expiring AND through out it all, people from everywhere in the USA are re-locating to our amazing State for this amazing weather! Those are the factors that I see driving up our rent rates. As a property management consultant, I have investors asking me for BPOs and CMAs to justify increasing their multi-family rental rates 20-30%. So until your Housing Authority significantly increases their FMR's (Fair Market Rents) we have a lot of hustling to do to get you keys! I am NOT here to judge you. I have worked in this industry since leaving FAMU in 2000. I worked for Altman Property Management Company for many, many, many years. I then worked for a Montecito Developer selling new construction homes. I then branched out into Real Estate Law. I did Foreclosure Litigation for a decade and then branched out into Real Estate Sales 17 years ago. I have 20 years of real estate industry deals to support my words. I know Real Estate. I sell Real Estate. I rent homes to tenants to create amazing memories and then convert those same tenants into Homeowners. I then manage those homes. So no, I am NOT here to Judge you but you must know (and better believe) that my Investors will 100% ask me about YOU. We will request an application. We will ask about your credit worthiness. We will ask about your rental history. After that the owner will ask about your program all BEFORE handing you keys to their $400,000 - $700,000 home! So please relax and understand, this is not personal. This is 100% business. My clients will 100% ask me what I think about your offer when you low-ball us. Therefore, to get your deal secured, I will ask you to gather required information and a part of that will be who, what, when, where and why! At a minimum, I do not care about your scores. Ideally, I would love if you stopped renting, joined the Section 8 Homeownership or Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program and allow me to make you a homeowner! Visit me at my buyers/sellers on Google www securethisdeal com to see happy former renters turned homeowners! Please gather your voucher, know your expiration date, know your 2023 FMR payment standards, Happy Software Form, S8 Worksheet, SSI printouts, W-2 or paystubs or CashApp or Paypal or whatever you have to show you can pay your TTP and let's secure you a home today!

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Did you know that you can purchase a home via Section 8's FSS program? Watch the video below and comment below for more details!


For the fastest results please answer ALL of the pertinent questions and let the software do what I pay it to do & get your inquiry to me. This is a wonderful, sizzling hot competitive market. My investors do not care about your housing crisis. I do. Landlords do not care about your excuses. I know that the last owner might be a slumlord who failed to make timely repairs and now you get a new voucher because their HAP payments were intercepted. I get it. Landlords want ROI...return on investment. 2022 Landlords want me to ensure them that you are not going to destroy their asset. I am usually the one negotiating their deals and the agent that sold them the $300k -$600k rental property. I am in the middle. I am the link between the owner - their agent - and the keys you want. I am also a mom, a wife and the agent on commission seeking to match a tenant to a home and get paid and repeat. So, trust me, I might talk fast but I hear you. I listen to non-stop crisis voicemails daily. I just don't want my non-refundable time wasted. I have been the property consultant praying that this owner does not fail inspection. I heard about your current mold problem. I know that kids could have asthma. I am fully aware that some of my investor clients raised your rent $200, $300 or even $400 after you were a great tenant for 7 years. I understand. I even get angry with the scam artists who re-posted my listing on sites that I did not syndicate. I understand that your current landlord has decided to sell placing you in an unfamiliar market. Yes, this market is crazy. I know. For me to get you approved for a home, I need honesty. I need numbers. I need scores. I need income. I need more details than when I did rentals in 2002. In 2003 and 2004, all I needed was a voucher and $99 for security deposit. NOPE not anymore. Now owners want three times (3x's) the rent in monthly income. Even with your voucher, I have investors asking for first month's rent, last month's rent (knowing full well that HUD does not pay advance rent) and a double security! OMG. Yessssssss even from Housing Participants, Ms. Battle? Yes. I know. Everything is different in this market but we are still moving tenants into homes. We are getting 10 offers for our clients from non HCP clients so imagine what happens when I have to submit a RTA, wait weeks for an inspection, wait another 7-10 days for the landlord to get the wire with you rent! As a Florida licensed agent, you have a 3-6 week delay  vs.  a traditional tenant who shows up with a cashiers check for First, Last plus security (or double security and 3 months of rent paid upfront and no less than $7,500 payable to the Owner!!! This is the 2022 rental market. Which offer do you think the landlord will favor? 

Send me ALL your details below by clicking "Send Me A Message" and let's work on securing your deal!


 (786) 309-5318

Business Hours are 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 





(786) 309-5318

My Business Hours are 10:00 am - 5:00 pm